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Fabian had asked Priest to write a new book for them and Priest called me to ask if I wanted 'in' on the project.
With Milestone winding down to a finish and having not yet sought out a replacement assignment for "Icon", it sounded like a great idea - I always had a good time working with Priest.

Getting the inital ideas for "Quantum & Woody" together wasn't as easy as it could have been but it was light years away from being difficult.

The only sticking point that I recall is Priest questioning whether or not Quantum and Woody would have powers.
There wasn't any question about that for me - I wasn't interested at all in doing a couple of non-powered superheros. I had already regretted that neither of the guys would be flight capable - my favorite power to draw - but the idea of there being no ray beams blasting off of anyone's hands was not palatable at all.
Thankfully, we got this point out of the way early into the creation process.

Several discussions/days later we had the concept down to something that we both liked.

This taken care of it was time to create the final visuals for the characters, Quantum & Woody.

To say that I went through a lot of permutations over the costumes would be outright lying.
I did one sketch of each costume and liked what I had.
Priest agreed with the costume designs noting that he thought Woody should have some kind of sunglasses instead of the goggles I originally had him in - all in all not a big thing considering how minor a change that was - and put together a proposal package which he sent off to Fabian at Acclaim.

Fabian had a couple of suggestions that Woody's hair be cut and that they not wear "regular superhero boots."

Now we came down to deciding the costume color schemes.

Lynaire Thompson ( the original editor of "Quantum & Woody") and I were at odds about the color of Quantum & Woody's boots.
Lynaire thought that some other color would be better. We talked endlessly about this item - with me putting in calls to Priest to whine about the "white boots" dilemma - between calls to Lynaire.

After about a week of debating Lynaire tired of the matter and the boots remained white.

I lobbied heavily for Romeo Tanghal, who had become my inker of choice because of his work with me on "Green Lantern" at DC Comics and on the latter issues of "Icon" at Milestone Comics to ink "Quantum & Woody".

Fabian and Lynaire wanted to "reinvent MD Bright" by finding a new inker to revamp the look of my pencils. They came up with Greg Adams, whom I had never heard of but the samples of his inking that they sent me were very good.

I had already 'won' the white boots fight so I thought, "What the heck, they use this Greg Adams guy for a few issues after which I point at his work and then Romeo's while saying, "See, I was right !' " I waited too long to make my point though, wishing to "give Greg a fair chance" - by issue #4 he was really doing great stuff and by issue #6 he was really knocking my socks off.

Oh, yeah, I hadn't mentioned Omar, had I ?
No mention of what it was like working on this book would be complete without a nod to "Quantum & Woody's" assistant and, eventually, it's second editor, Omar Banmally, mostly because while he was always helpful when I called or stopped by the office, he was usually very busy changing hats between "good cop" and "bad cop" to help keep me working on the book instead of sitting at my desk whining and fretting over one thing or another.

Omar has been a great sounding board, cheerleader and over all "Mr. Fix-it" in making "Quantum & Woody" a monthly reality and a lot of fun to be a part of.

"Quantum & Woody" was cancelled with issue #17.

Quantum & Woody - part two

A year after "Quantum & Woody's" cancellation Omar gave Priest and I the word that Acclaim was ready to start publishing comics again and that one of the titles they wanted on their publishing list was "Quantum & Woody."

"Quantum & Woody" was cancelled (again) with issue #21

Maybe the third time will be the charm...

Acclaim Comics

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