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Born 1955 - the fifth of seven children.

Does anything more need be said ?

Well, OK, since I have the webspsace and the time...

My interest in art/comics came from family visits to my maternal Grandmother who was a hairdresser. She had a small home hair salon and it was there that I discovered the comic books that she used to buy for her customer's children to read while they waited for their mother's hair to be done.
For those interested, the comics I first read were Archie comics titles and some of the Harvey Comics line: Richie Rich, Little Dot, Casper, Beetle Bailey and a few others.

Other cartoon interests and influences were mostly Hanna Barbera stuff like Jonny Quest and *all* of their Saturday superhero stuff: Space Ghost, The Herculoids, Bird Man... You know the list.

I spent most of my life in Montclair, NJ - graduating from Montclair High School in 1974.

Four years - several dead brain cells/finally knowing how to do 'the Hustle'/possessed of an ever growing comic book collection/dreading moving back home after YEARS of not having to explain to anyone why the heck I did what I did or why I did it when I did - later I graduated from Pratt Institute in 1978 with a B.F.A.

I bummed around for four years doing teaching consulting work two or three days a week for two years while working on a painting portfolio as well as making bi-monthly submissions to DC and Marvel comics. The last two of these years Mom and Dad took turns at "Good Cop, Bad Cop" checking on my actual desire and ability to earn a living as an artist.

In 1982 I was about to toss in the towel on the whole deal but finally began getting work.
This was happening at Marvel Comics, a couple of toy companies and at Berkley Books.
Granted, I wasn't making much but I was spending more time working than I was going out and looking for work.

In 1986 I started getting montly work with Marvel comics.

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