MD Bright's Commissioned Art

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Art is done on 11"x17" paper with an art area size of 10"x15"

One character in pencil - $100 and in ink - $150

Two characters in pencil - $150 and in ink - $200

Each additional character - +$50 pencil and/or ink

a background - +$50 - $150 ( depending on what the background is.)

How much for watercolors and for single color painted - I don't do any color work for commission, sorry.

How long does it take - In most cases 30 days - If I need a little breathing room, because of the level of difficulty of the piece ie: characters that I have never drawn before - I will discuss this with you via e-mail.

What the buyer has to provide - reference on character(s) costumes (yes, I have a large comic book library but finding a particular character and version of his costume isn't always possible because I don't collect everything) and a copy of a pose close to what you want on your commissioned piece.

I'll be more than happy to work from a sketch that *you* make of what you want the piece to look like.

The reference and payment must be sent to me before I will start work on your commissioned piece, I will e-mail you a jpeg of the page in sketch form - two sketches maximum for each piece - to make sure that you will like what you are paying for.

The finished page will be sent to you three weeks after the sketch is OK-ed.

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