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With 'change' often being a thing of necessity, I found that
since I wasn't getting many assignment oppourtunities in the comic book world
perhaps I needed to rethink the way that I worked.

On the Legionnaires, Batman/Superman and Ironman samples I eliminated 'feathering' from
my work and concentrated on black shapes to create the contours that used to be done
via feathering.

I also took a slight turn towards a more 'cartoony' look with the faces in the Legionnaires and Batman/Superman samples.

"Cache" and "Single Guy Down" are both concepts that I have worked on in the recent past.
I like them both but chose "the Last SECOND" for the course to take as a self-done project for my webpages.

With "Single Guy Down" I took another direction in my pencils, not only eliminating
most of the feathering in the art but also deciding to stay away from the usual
way of spotting black areas in the art, to try
to give "Single Guy Down" more of a newspaper strip feel.

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