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News for everyone below...

I know, I mentioned news about ...level path
and there is news but the "Good News" still takes priority over anything
that I may have to say, so my original preamble remains in top position on this page.

You can find my announcement below the preamble.

(Amended February 21, 2004)

Trying my best not to sound like one of those people at awards shows,
I'd like to take this time to finally acknowledge the one who has made everything that I've done possible.


Funny thing about God and me, I always believed in Him and talked to Him every day but it was, for lack of a better term, a casual relationship until recently.
By casual, I mean, that ever since I can remember I never ate a meal without giving thanks for it
(and anyone that knows me understands that bit of faith alone means I did a *lot* of conversing with God.)

and there were occasions when I prayed during familial crises, really bad bouts of the flu and the infrequent times when 'toe meets furniture late at night because I was too lazy to turn on the lights' where I was also a bit vocal in asking for 'assistance.'

But in the past year I've found myself seeking more help and guidance than ever before because my life is changing.

Quite often I've found myself needing people to 'talk me down' from one anger/disappointment/ frustration or another and in one instance of serious crisis it was my Mom who told me to turn to God.

That was what it took to start me down a road that is a little easier because of His guidance and it has gotten easier and more satisfying as time has passed.

Studying the Bible and the fellowship of a really nice church congregation that I found my way to have settled things for me more than I can adequately express here.

That said, I'm not going to get preachy on you and I don't want to engage people on which religion is "right."
What I want is to tell you that if you do have a religion that you participate in, pursue it wholeheartedly, now, and pursue it seriously.

However, being a Christian and, as such, having received Jesus Christ as my personal savior, I must tell you that if you're looking forward to a life after the one you are currently living, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your way - your *only* way - to salvation and eternal life.

You can't imagine the things that having faith in
Jesus Christ as your savior and advocate to God can give you that you won't get anywhere else.

One suggestion: If you decide to become a Christian or renew your Christian faith and have never read your bible, READ THE NEW TESTAMENT FIRST!

Start with BOOK FOUR, JOHN and then read the whole New Testament in order.

The New Testament, where your salvation through acceptance of and faith in
Jesus Christ is taught.
The Old Testament explains why we need Jesus Christ and the immeasurable sacrifice that He made for us. Yes, there are many things in the New Testament don't make sense without having read the Old Testament - BUT IF YOU'RE SEEKING SALVATION,

Sure, "Davey and Goliath" probably did this better than I will do it but how do you come up with a character cleverer than a dog that gives you spiritual guidance while being a comic foil at the same time?

Thanks to all of you whom have contacted me over the years and to those of you who have provided me with a very satisfying life because of your enjoyment of comic books and my work.

With a bit of luck, you'll enjoy this feature at my website and with a bit more luck it will say something to you and make you think about yourself, the world that we all live in and what it's all for and about.

Most importantly, maybe it will give you something that I was given - a little bit of faith.

God willing, It starts here.

They're back...

...level path

After a few months away Matt and the gang, I just started feeling
like I was giving up on something that means too much to me.

So, I spent a little time trying to remember where all of the cast members were
going and then a little more time remembering how to draw them (surprisingly, after
more than six months of not having drawn them, everyone came back to me right away.).

Then cam the real challenge, trying to find the time to do the actual strips.

My solution is that I'll have to cut back on some of the art, backgrounds won't
be as complex or complete but I'll make sure to include what is needed to set the scenes properly.
Another concession will be the word balloons and text.
Strangely enough, I'd heard from more than a few who people disliked that
everything was so neat and easy to read.
"It feels too like a pamphlet than a comic strip."
So welcome to the 'new look,' next generation of ...level path.

I'm calling this new phase ...level path - Born Again.

This won't be a daily venture, for the forseeable future I'm aiming
for three times a week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday - with some weeks having
a color strip, some weeks not.

MD Bright


Gonna leave this up for a bit, just because...

May 3rd Update

Dear ...level path readers,

I know that it's been forever since I posted a new installment of ...level path.

I've been blessed with a lot of work recently and on the days that I've not been
working I've been doing my best to fulfill my duties as sexton at church.

I'm not sure which is the more likely reason for the current cessation of "...level path."

At 53 a full day of drawing takes a serious toll on my eyes, so it's difficult to do
additional drawing after taking care of what has to be sent out to my clients.

At 53, after a lifetime of 'hard labor' meaning 8 to 12 hours at the drawing board,
the 2 seven hour days I spend vacuuming, mopping, dusting and whatever else I
wind up doing at church leave me bone tired.
(At least recently I no longer ache on the day after doing the chores.)

However, it may be that I feel I'm fulfilling my desire to serve God by caring for His house.

I know, it's not the same thing as spreading His love by posting ...level path but
truth be told, I'm tending to a larger flock in caring for His house than I am by creating and posting
new installments of ...level path.

Then again, it's quite possible that my new duties as church sexton have given me such a
rich vein of material to cull for new installments of ...level path that I'm hesitant to go forward
because of what I might write with this new perspective and who I attend church with
that might actually read what I wind up writing.

In any event, I thought it fair to answer those of you who have asked for an explanation
of what has happened to "...level path."

I hate to think that I'm not going to work with Matt and the gang anymore, but I really just don't know at this time.

Thank you for continuing to check in.

Mark D Bright 05/03/09

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